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Fundiciones y Accesorios, S. A. is included in a group of enterprises in which you can find Metalúrgica Madrileña, S. A., a foundry company that offers a wide range of products.

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Founded in 1953, Metalúrgica Madrileña,S.A. is a foundry with capacity to manufacture, import and supply to its customers the following range of materials:

* Low, medium and high alloy steel castings.
* High manganese wear resistant steel castings.
* Heat-resistant high alloy steels.
* S.G. Ductile iron.
* Grey Iron.
* High alloy iron casting.
* ADI.

Industrial sectors devoted to:

* Heavy automotive industry.
* Public works machinery.
* Railway.
* Crushing and milling equipment, cement industry.
* Engineering and metal works.
* Heat resistant casting.
* Precision casting.
* Agriculture.
* Manufactures of general machinery.
* Others.